Pre-order Policy

When will my order with pre-order products ship?
All orders containing pre-order products will be held until the release/arrival of all products in that order. The furthest pre-order date indicates the ship date of your order.

Is it possible to ship the non-preorder products of my order?
Yes, you can have them shipped for an extra shipping charge of 12.99 CAD plus tax for Canada orders and $17.99 CAD for US orders.

Is there a fee if I want to cancel my pre-order?
You must contact us via email within an hour of placing your pre-order to have it canceled free of charge. If you decide to cancel after the grace period, there will be a restocking fee of 6% withheld from the refund amount on the pre-order products you choose to cancel. This is not negotiable.

What if the pre-order price changes after I placed my order?
If we lower the price of a pre-order product before its release/ships date, we will refund you the difference. If we raise the price of a pre-order product before or after its release date, there will be no additional cost to you.

What happens if an item on pre-order is delayed?
If an item's release/ship date is delayed by our distributors, we will notify you via email and update you on the situation until it has arrived. You may choose to wait for its arrival or receive a refund with only half the restocking fee (3%) applied.